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Emma Harding

Having spent many years reading self help books, attending seminars, workshops and courses on all aspects of self improvement, I am well aware of the numerous tools available for transformation. This time of introspection has meant that I am very aware of my limiting, negative thoughts and behaviours, although I have often felt powerless to do anything to change this on my own.

The few life coaching sessions that I have had with Jenny have been the catalyst for shifts in my ingrained habits and negative beliefs and I have experienced great improvement in a very short space of time. I didn't believe that such changes could be realised so quickly. I understand now that all the reading in the world won't bring about the changes I desire unless I am prepared to actually do something about it. With Jenny's guidance I have learned so much more about myself, my values and beliefs but also that I can change those beliefs if they are not working for me. Jenny is a natural empathic and skilled in getting to the heart of an issue. She has empowered me to feel that I am in control of my life and I now believe that I really can achieve anything that I want. The results so far already prove this to be true!

W. McNamara, Managing Director, Project Quest

Since beginning the life coaching sessions with Jennifer I have seen a huge improvement in my mental attitude and general approach to things. It has been an invaluable experience that, on many different levels has helped me to see things with clarity and also helped me to better evaluate my choices and decision making processes. All in all I feel that Jennifer is very natural in her style but emanates a very high level of professionalism whilst at the same time making one feel relaxed and willing to fully participate in the experience.

Rosanna Kalliabetsos, Hatha Yoga - Reiki Master - Health Consultant -Birthlight Perinatal - Baby Yoga Teacher & Birth Educator, Injoy

Bringing all my dreams, my aspirations into bite sized, ordered chunks that stop me tossing and turning at night not being able to shut my brain down. These life coaching sessions with Jen cannot have a quantifiable value placed upon them - she has helped me to create order out of chaos and, simply by stating the order of the steps, it's all just starting to happen and take off! All my classes are filling up, all my limiting beliefs are being brought to light and shifted and I feel as though I have the tools I need to get on with fulfilling my purpose - to thrive and to help others to do so and remember we are all able to shine. Thank you!

Koulla Georgiou

Jennifer has made a significant impact on helping me evaluate my desires in order to define and set my goals. I have managed to attain quick wins with mini goals and also Jennifer has helped me strategise for longer term goals. In a relatively short space of time Jennifer has helped me turn my negative self beliefs and flip them into positive beliefs in a way which I feel comfortable with. The result of this has been amazing and I am already experiencing the benefits and generally feeling more confident. This is compared to how I felt on our first session when I was completely lacking in confidence. My friends have all noticed a change in my attitude and this would not have been possible without Jennifer's help. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me and for your passion and commitment to your client's wellbeing.

Sarah Wisbey

Life coaching has made me less self critical. Rather than be too hard on myself I am now able to take a step back and assess situations from a more objective point of view. The skills that were provided through life coaching exercises should be applicable now and in the future and will no doubt remain relevant throughout life. As a result of life coaching I have finally been able to identify what I could do as a more fulfilling career and I have taken positive steps towards this. However, life coaching has also shown me the value in my current position and that continuing in this for the mean while can provide me with the basis upon which to build. I have set myself a realistic period in which to achieve my objectives.

Mina Nazemi

Typically a 'grass is greener' kind of person, I naturally get quite frustrated and discontent when life doesn't go according to plan. With a tendency to over-analyse, I also get quite emotionally involved with things in my life, whether it is work, home life, and so on. Despite the fact that my family are close, working in a family business exacerbated my tendency to give in to stress.... In fact at some points in my life I think I probably thrived on it. It's not sustainable, however, and therefore for my mental well-being (as well as that of those around me) I have turned in the past to meditation, mindfulness etc as a way of coping with stresses in my life. For these reasons I was also attracted to life coaching - as a means of putting things into perspective, and also trying to achieve balance and equilibrium in my life. Not only content with progressing my work life/career, I struggle to keep up with external commitments, and in embarking on a course of coaching sessions I had hopes of deriving some sort of idea of what it is that makes me happy - in order to shape my career in a way that would complement different areas of my life. My goal for the coaching relationship was to establish a framework which I could then utilise at a given point in time, to assess my changing needs and wants.

Having completed the course, I am much more aware of the potential trigger points in my life which bring on stress - and indeed I'm a lot more conscious of avoiding these now. I'm able to step back and evaluate a given situation with greater objectivity, referring back to various points in my discussions with Jennifer, and using the tactics we developed. Out of this I have a more relaxed mindset about my career, I have made deliberate efforts to achieve a better work/life balance, and if things get a little out of kilter, I am better at accepting this and working constructively to get back on track. I have achieved a more contented state of being, which allows me to confront life/work/events with less emotional attachment - something I believe will be priceless if and when things get hectic again.

Having spent many hours deliberating over my career, I have made some choices about the actions I need to take to move into a role which would enable me to progress my career, whilst not neglecting my personal life and interests.... And after a few months of seeking out a suitable new role I have secured a position which offers me ample opportunity to develop my own skills, in a stimulating professional services environment, and since the location is close to home I'll also have plenty of time to continue working on my personal interests outside of work. Altogether I am very content with life at the moment, and I am learning to appreciate what I have, rather than focusing on what I don't have! I have no doubt that the work I did with Jennifer will come in handy again and again.

Veronica Baldwin

Through life coaching, Jen has helped me to see when I was overly complicating things by breaking them down and challenging me. She has helped me acknowledge my resources that I already have and help me see other ones which I had, but did not recognise. Jen has often been able to help me find options I would not have found by simply thinking the problem through on my own.
Jen has encouraged me and praised my successes, particularly when these were in my stretch zone and she knew how much I had challenged myself to complete them.
On all the aspects when Jen has coached me I have found it easy to follow through with my action plan, as I was clear that I had taken time to devise the right plan for me.

Shahilla Barok

Jennifer is an incredibly intuitive coach. Her manner is always friendly but focused, encouraging me to explore new avenues and look at things in a new light in order for me to successfully achieve my goals. I have not only achieved a number of goals but feel I have developed in myself with the support I received. I would like to extend a warm thank you to Jennifer for keeping me on track and helping me along in my journey.

Sushila Colquhoun

Jen has been instrumental in helping me to sort out my priorities and move forwards with my goals. She has helped me with my confidence and to think more positively about my skills and abilities. I always felt very 'listened to' and she has a great ability to see beyond what I was saying and hone in on the underlying issues. Her coaching will stand me in good stead for everything I do in the future and I wish her the very best as she is a great ambassador for the coaching profession.

Alison Swiffin

The coaching style Jen used during our sessions suited me well and gave me the appropriate level of challenge and support to move me forward in all of the areas we covered.
Her belief in the coaching process, and that, as her client, I was able to find my own answers to all of the topics I brought, was evident from the start. I found this very non-directive approach, mixed with her ready sense of humour, very refreshing and although I worked hard in the sessions they were never 'hard work'.
Jen created a 'safe' environment where I could be open about a variety of situations, particularly challenges at work, and this enabled me to explore underlying issues and gain greater clarity around the areas that I needed to focus on.
I am sure that I will continue to reap the benefit of this coaching in the future.

Peter Cockcroft

Thought you might like to know that after the coaching session you did with me, I booked an appointment to see our MD at work, got the work done I needed to do (even though I thought it would take 3 weeks!) and MD has agreed that I might be able to train one of the managers at work as a start to see how it works out. I am ecstatic that I even got as far as having the conversation with him!!.

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