What Are The Key Ingredients To Make It Work?

There are certain ingredients that I believe are crucial to the success of the relationship between you and your life coach:

My pledge to you as your coach is to provide:

  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Space for genuinely effective thinking
  • My full attention throughout the session
  • A genuine belief that you have the capacity to resolve your issue for yourself
  • Incisive questions that will unlock your thinking
  • An attitude that if something doesn't work, we'll do something else

For best results I will need from you as the coachee

  • Honesty
  • Non-censorship of your thoughts or responses during the coaching session
  • A desire to change
  • A willingness to talk openly
  • An openness to think differently
  • A commitment to yourself
  • Assurance that you will do any 'homework' that might be set during the session (I promise it won't involve algebra!)


  • To be in a physical space that tells you 'you matter'
  • To be in an environment where you won't be interrupted.
  • Sufficient time allocated to the session

Simply get in touch to arrange your free introductory life coaching session and I promise to reply within 24 hours.


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